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For a Brighter Smile!

Special Introductory Offer, Only £99 for our Premium Treatment Package See Treatments & Prices by clicking here.
Normal Price £180

Teeth Whitening in less than 1 Hour

Amazing Results -Using our DioxiCare System see great results
within 60 Minutes, with just 1 Visit to our Clinic.
     Free Consultation-Our experts give you a free consultation to make sure
you get the right treatment.
Peroxide Free -We only use DioxiCare Active Chlorine
Dioxide which is safe and legal to use. We do
not use Peroxides which can cause harmful
Tooth sensitivity.

Treatments from Just £99.00
Teeth Whitening Takes less than 1 Hour
Teeth Whitening Walk in or Call to Book your Appointment
Teeth Whitening Free Consultation
Teeth Whitening Totally 100% Peroxide FREE

Teeth Whitening starting at Just £99.00

  Get the Smile you Deserve- Our range of treatments means there is
something for almost everyone, with prices starting at only £99.00.
DioxiCare- We use the DioxiCare Teeth Whitening System which is
completely Peroxide Free.
Relax and Sit Back- Our treatment is safe and simple to use,
Just Sit Back and let our Technicians do the work, and your
teeth will be up to 8 Shades lighter in
less than 1 Hour.

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Get a Brighter, Whiter Smile with our Teeth Whitening treatment. Using the new DioxiCare non Peroxide system you get a Brighter Smile in less than 60 Minutes. Call and Book in Now

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